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I am OSWALD KOUAME and I love music !!! "
" Everything can become music and everyone becomes happier with music. "

Oswald Kouame is a musician born in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa.
He began percussions at age 7 and he started his professional career in music when he was a teenager.

He performed with various groups such as 'Cote d’Ivoire National Orchestra', 'African traditional dance bands' etc., at various places in Africa and Europe.

He also performed with world famous musicians such as the bassist Richard Bona, Stevie Wonder, etc.
He plays various genres of music 

- African music, 
- Fusion
- Jazz
- Reggae
- Zouk
- Salsa
- Bachata
- Soul Music etc. 
– and also works as a songwriter and a composer.

He can make music by using sand, leaves,  branches, rice or water as a musical instrument. 
He receives inspiration from nature and has established himself with this one unique style of music.

" Everything becomes a music "

Oswald Kouame is a musician born in Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa.

He began his education in Yamoussoukro. 

His desire to learn percussion was manifested at an early age. Since the age of 7,  he took keen interest to play the drums. His love and talent for music was evident at such a young age, that is why he could rightly be called a child prodigy.

Alternating between classroom sessions and self-taught music, Oswald Kouame never gave 
in to those who discouraged him to only concentrate on studies.  "Artists still die miserable" they said, but Oswald knew otherwise.

This talented young lad produced ripples as percussion with his hands on dry sheep’s skin which stood on the surface of a hollow log of wood.

This young prolific walked the streets of the political capital to meet the many demands he faced. The first work he carried out was within the religious arena of the Christian community.

In 1991, he flew for the first time to Canada for a musical workshop. On his return, Oswald Kouame was sought by several organizations.

Oswald Kouame proved himself academically, with a fine balance of studies and music. He completed his high school science curriculum at Felix Houphouet Boigny, Yamoussoukro. In high school, the young musician was the darling of all the performing arts where his reputation continued to grow.

Besides being an excellent percussionist, he also was and all-rounder. He never missed the first three steps of the podium at award ceremonies as the best in various sports and art, including choreography, staging musicals.

The young prodigee already showed the traits of a seasoned professional musician and was  praised for his performances more frequently and to an ever wider public. The whole town was talking about Oswald Kouame. He converted as a trainer to a group of European students at the French cultural center of the political capital.

Feeling that music was taking over his aspirations in civil engineering, Oswald Kouame  decided to come to Abidjan to register for the National Institute of Arts and Cultural Action, INSAAC.

It was two years later that the school became wellknown and better equipped in terms of artistic training in Cote d’Ivoire and West Africa. But meanwhile, he started a real musical journey.

He joined several bands and musical groups (Village Ki yi, Afrozik, Soteka, etc.).He made several trips abroad to benefit both the sub-region in Europe. Always eager to enhance his musical culture, he began a discovery of traditional music as a background with the main Ivorian percussion.

He travelled the hamlets of central, western and southern Ivory Coast in search of rare sounds and unusual instruments. Identified by Professor George Niangoran Bouah, initiator of the drumology (the study of the talking drum), he went to learn this science for three years.

Assured of his vocation as a percussionist, the young Oswald was convinced to bring a professional touch with a diploma in music and musicology at the INSAAC.

The institute has his name written in golden letters. Oswald Kouame was the product par excellence of the institution associated to all the cultural events in both Ivory Coast and abroad. 
With all his experiences he could embrace the professional world and play into the higher leagues.

Ivorian and international music mentors, Meiway, Magic System, Bailly Spinto, NEO Mala, Boni Gnaore, Dobe Gnaore, Kassav, Devarieux Jacob, Thierry Cam, Philip Montero, Dan Junior, just to name a few, snapped strikes of the artist who has no time for himself. ”He is the fairy that everyone wants.” He also shares the same scene with Lokoué Kanza, Youssou N’Dour, Angelique Kidjo, Tiken Jah, Alpha Blondy, Ron Kenoly, Maggie Blanchard, Akadi, etc., and also participated in a musical workshop with Richard Bona listed.

Oswald Kouame performed at many concerts, festivals, gala, always in collaboration with several musical groups. Not lacking in imagination, he created a language to date performed by a circle of intimate world of showbiz, LAKALAWAZALA, which means the joy of living together … .. and brought together the best artists and musician, Ivorian and International.

The musician was robbed by the Ivorian Television, where he joined the orchestra of the private media of state. With a calendar filled, Oswald Kouame has the wind in purple, they are great cultural scene for its host of benefits including Chad, Gabon, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon, Tunisia, Morocco, France , Cape Verde, Guinea, South Africa etc.. Among the festivals which he participated, the Festival of Negro Arts in Senegal, Dunihl Jazz, Gospel roots, world music etc..

He adds strings to his bow already well stocked, there is a cap artist manager, producer, show promoter, trainer, designer of film music and advertising, songwriter today researcher percussionist.

As in musical parlance, he decided to play it ‘solo’, considering his own career. Thus he ‘change-end’ and headed for the Ghanaian capital Accra that he is not foreign to for that matter.

The choice of Accra since 2011 to stay close to his country with an unstable political period, and as he says, willing to have the spirit of creativity that is it's daily sharing. Shortly after arriving in the land of Kwame Nkrumah that the stresses are knocking on his door solicitations of any kind with renowned Ghanaian artists and international groups.

The man still seems to give the hair of the beast, then he thought to devote himself to himself. All spaces live Accra court to make him  benefit. Standing on the years of experience he created a band in Accra, called ”Oswald’s Band” with which it rotates, and success is the appointment.

With this band, it still is endeavoring to convey his art by making  music search and Afro-Jazz fusion, open to the use of all elements of nature (water, rice, leaves, branches, sand, gourds, kitchen utensils etc.)..

Oswald Kouame is  crazy talented, meticulous, in a situation of continuous and spontaneous creativity.

What’s ’N’ZASSA’

N’zassa (N ZASSA) is Baoulé language that means ‘colorful’ , ‘a lot of different colors’ or ‘rich in the color’.

When Oswald meets the musicians with various nationalities, ethnicity, music genres and backgrounds… N’Zassa Music that nobody has ever seen will be born, and everybody can’t help dancing.



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2015-11 JCIFA Commemoration of Inauguration of Japan Cote d’Ivoire Friendship Association(JCIFA)
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◇Overseas(Out of Japan)
2016-6 Oswald Kouame – India Tour 2016 –2016-12 Oswald Kouame – Tour en Afrique 2016

Live in Tokyo! -Let’s Grooove! in Akasaka – 

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